The A-Frame sign is one of our all-time favourite and popular signs at Glendenning in New South Wales. We reckon that you can’t go on walking down a street without seeing a couple of these welcoming customers into a shop or telling you the day’s specials at your neighbourhood cafe! And there’s a reason why businesses love this little standing frame, you can’t help notice them advertising just what the shops have to offer!

Read up more about A-Frames below:

  • Our A-Frame signage is waterproof and the materials are designed for long term outdoor use.
  • At 900mm by 600mm, it offers a fair amount of space for your chosen text or illustration.
  • The powder coated metal frame with 3mm Aluminium composite panels on both side is durable and long-lasting.
  • The A-Frame has a packed weight of 9 kg – easy for you to move in and out of your store when you open and close shop every day, yet it will not blow over with any sudden winds.
  • Print your own design in full digital colour on a single or double side. You may enlist the help of our designers to come up with eye-catching illustration or text.
  • The A-Frame is a stylish sign that has no visible fixing and perfect for displaying your chosen advertisement.