Restaurant Menu

Restaurant Menu

Takeaway Menu

You can have takeaway menus printed on a two-sided format or with multiple folds so that you have sufficient space to clearly display your products and services offered. Adexperts can also take care of any specific requirements you may have All takeaway menus are printed in full colour in A4 to DL sized bond, silk or gloss papers.


Dining Menu

Adexperts know that the right dining menu can create a good impression on regular customers. They even suggest printing pictures of your dishes on it to create more appeal to the menu. Dine-in menus help promote your store brand and attract more customers.
You can opt to have 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 17 menu printed on 100% gloss book or cover, on their various coating and folding options. You can place orders for as few as 25 pieces to as many as 200 pieces and it’ll reach you in a few business days. Adexperts also has a calculator to help you calculate how much you require for your menus, and once you have decided, you can upload your file and place an order.

DL Menu

Distributing DL menus is a great way to let customers know what your business has to offer them. Just make sure you print them right on high quality paper, and distribute them from the right spot so that they reach the right audience.
You can print as few as 50 DL menus to as many as 100,000 pieces at affordable rates. While Adexperts complete their printing in a few days’ time, they have fast printing services for your everyday needs. You can either upload your file to place an order, or download their DL menu templates to get started.