Perfect Bound Book

Perfect Binding books are created using the famous soft cowl book binding technique. With this technique the pages and canopy area unit are joined along the spine with the help of a strong, but versatile thermal glue. The other 3 sides of the book are then cut PRN to get clean and perfect edges.
The benefit of perfect round books is that they are visually pleasing and professional and are cheaper than hardcover books. They also stack well, making its storage easier The technique also leaves a square spinal edge which can be used for writing the book’s title or any additional information, which isn’t possible with books created using stitch and spiral binding techniques.


Wire Bound Book

Adexperts’ wire bound books come with a twin loop wire and a classy metal end that gives a sophisticated look to the book to help create a strong first impression. It’s ideal for creating manuals, books and calendars, and it lies flat, which facilitates easy reading.
Adexperts also recommends using wire bound or spiral binding for college books and coaching manuals which undergo eventual wear and tear The wires are durable and distinctive, and come in various colours to choose from like white, black, red, blue and metal.

Saddle Stitch Book

Saddle stitching is the easiest book binding option using saddle stitching. The parent sheets to be bound are cut and folded, and then pinned along to look like a finished brochure The binding is best suited for single use manuscripts like short catalogues, cookbooks, workbooks, comic books and other similar booklets.
Saddle stitching is cheap, and value effective, making it an ideal option for printing booklets for distribution like for advertising or news and even as gift articles. Adexperts assure that though cheap, their saddle stitch books give your audience a wonderful reading experience.